National Primary Health Care Data Asset

Closed 28 Jul 2019

Opened 12 Mar 2019

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The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW) received funding in the May 2018 Federal Budget to develop an enduring National Primary Health Care Data Asset. The Data Asset will fill an information gap—there is currently no national source of data to provide a comprehensive understanding of the patient’s journey and experiences within the primary health care system, including their reason for an encounter with a clinician, diagnosis, treatment and outcomes.

To this end the AIHW has created an exposure draft of the Data Development Plan. This Plan forms the basis of a nationwide consultation which will occur through this public online submission process.

The draft Plan was developed following consultation across relevant government committees and is now exposed publicly to gather comprehensive and considered input from the broader community.

Why We Are Consulting

The AIHW acknowledges the importance of engagement with stakeholders. It is hoped that the consultation will help identify issues and views, and build stakeholder confidence that de-identified patient and practice data will be curated for the Data Asset under robust data custodianship and governance by the AIHW, and that the data will be used appropriately to drive clinical and population health improvements.

Submission instructions

This public consultation is open and has been extended to 11.59pm Sunday 28 July 2019. Interested parties are invited to make a submission by this due date. In order for us to consider your feedback, all submissions must be made directly through the Online Survey Link below. This will then allow us to include your responses in the analysis of all responses and maintain the integrity and transparency of the public online submission process. 

Share your views on some, or all of the consultation questions or simply express your views or ideas to improve the Data Development Plan. Please ensure you provide the page and section to which each of your comments refer.

You can save your responses and return to the survey at any time up until the closing date using the save and return link provided. Please also note the response ID given. In the event you lose the link we are only able to retrieve your response and generate a new link if you provide us with your email address in survey question one on the contact page.

How we will use your responses

Your contribution is greatly appreciated. Your response is being provided to the AIHW and will be used to inform the Data Development Plan for the National Primary Health Care Data Asset.

Please note that this is a public submission process and all submissions may be published on the AIHW website and in the form of a consultation report. Submission information may also be shared within the AIHW and with our Advisory Committees.

The AIHW retains the right not to publish responses at its discretion, and will not place on the website, or make available to the public, responses that contain offensive or defamatory comments or which are outside the scope of the consultation.

Additionally, the views expressed in the responses are those of the individuals or organisations who submit them and their publication does not imply any acceptance of, or agreement with, these views by the AIHW.

Your privacy and confidentiality is important to us. Individual names are not collected. Your organisation can also be anonymised prior to responses being published. You can indicate your level of consent for this once you enter the survey. 

Please note the AIHW will be unable to accept:

  • confidential information that you do not wish to make public;
  • comments which, in the opinion of the AIHW, are inappropriate; 
  • responses received after the consultation deadline (11.59PM on 28 July 2019); and
  • submissions that are not submitted through the online Survey Link.

If you have any questions in relation to this consultation process please email the Primary Health Care Data Unit at


What Happens Next

Thank you for your feedback, this consultation is now closed. The consultation report is now available and includes a summary of the feedback received, key issues raised and a brief outline of the next steps in progressing the development of the Data Asset.

For access to the consultation report along with any new updates on developing the National Primary Health Care Data Asset please feel free to visit the AIHW website at Primary health care data development.



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